How to start a game?
TronLink or TronPay add-in must be installed at your PC
TronWallet [iOS] or TronWallet [Android] on your Smartphone
Charge up your wallet balance by any cryptocurrency exchange

For a start buy some game coins at a fixed rate 1 TRX = 25 coins.
Then choose the appropriate Property and pay for it using your game coins.
From this moment your Property begins to make profit according to its profit-making capacity.

Profit distribution
The whole profit from your Property equally divides into available funds and treasury funds. Treasury funds can be used to purchase new Property to expand the production and increase your profit. Available funds can be withdrawn at any moment; they also can be used to buy more Property.

Profit accrual
The profit from your Property accrues automatically every hour.

Commission rate
The commission of administration is 10 % of the amount of coins, spent for Property purchase.

How safe is it?
This project is based on Tron Network smart contract; it is completely decentralized and independent. All operations between participants and contract are absolutely clear.

Any questions?
Please ask in our Telegram chat.


Economic game built on Tron Network blockchain.

MrMoneyBagz© - is the economic strategy, participating in which you receive money reward in Tron cryptocurrency.
Gamers are supposed to bring their Property to prosperity by developing the production and making profit from the Property sale.
Engage in buying property, turn an honest penny!

Connecticut Ave

Profit per hour: 4

Profit per day: 96

Price: 3000

Property “Connecticut Ave”

Virginia Ave

Profit per hour: 16

Profit per day: 384

Price: 11.750

Property “Virginia Ave”

New York Ave

Profit per hour: 62

Profit per day: 1488

Price: 44.500

Property "New York Ave"

Pennsylvania Ave

Profit per hour: 220

Profit per day: 5280

Price: 155.000

Property “Pennsylvania Ave”

Park Place

Profit per hour: 680

Profit per day: 16.320

Price: 470.000

Property “Park Place”


Profit per hour: 1400

Profit per day: 33.600

Price: 950.000

Property “BoardWalk”


Actual earnings and fast profit withdrawal

• Safety and reliability of TRON network
• Open source code of smart contract
• Live statistics
• Automatic hourly coin accrual
• Short payback period and stability

Expand Your Capabilities

Long-term growth perspective

Purchase Property

Use your own strategy

There are six types of Properties: Pennsylvania, Virginia Ave, New York Ave, Park Place, Connecticut, BoardWalk. Each Property has different earning power and pay-off period. You can reinvest the earned profit in your business development. The more Property you have, the more profit you earn.

Connecticut Ave
Virginia Ave
New York Ave
Pennsylvania Ave
Park Place